My goal is to become what I call an ‘anticipated writer’ -- an author whose readers anxiously await the announcement of another new book.

In college, I pursued a degree in psychology and family therapy but was especially fascinated with abnormal psychology.  I wanted to know, as my reader’s do, what drives aberrant behavior in people who kidnap, rape and murder.  I always want to know what drives people in the headlines to commit their crimes.

Echoes of Evil - my second book Echoes of Evil, a fictional thriller, I intuit what may have led Scott Peterson to drown his wife Laci and their unborn child Connor in the ocean off the shores of San Francisco Bay in 2003. Because this book is fiction, I wrote a ‘twist’ to the story that may intrigue my readers. 

Next Installment in the Echoes of Evil Series - using my personal experience as the sibling of twin girls and incorporating the knowledge evolved from the famed University of Minnesota Twins Family Study, my next work of fiction will explore the psychology of twins -- their similarities and dissimilarities – and how those traits can create dysfunction and drama in their lives and the lives of those around them. 

Stalking Mary - my first book Stalking Mary, I explored why Ming Sen Shuie kidnapped and held hostage for months, the woman who taught him algebra fifteen years earlier.  Readers of Stalking Mary will recognize a similarity to the recent case of Ariel Castro from Ohio who was convicted in the summer of 2013 of holding three women hostage in his home for over ten years while physically and sexually abusing them.